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Pet Bot

Pet Bot

The virtual pet simulator.

This website is not optimized for mobile usage/use on small screens.

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Pet Bot is a discord bot that is in active development by RaidAndFade#7337 in Python.

Pet Bot is a fully featured pet simulator within Discord, including feeding, watering, sharing, and even training your pets with tricks. But make sure to keep good care of them as they can also get sick and will be taken from you if they are left thirsty, hungry, or bored for too long!

Voting for Pet Bot

Pet Bot is listed on the top.gg website. An amazing way to help the bot grow is to vote for Pet Bot. Along with helping it grow, you are also rewarded $1000 in the bot's currency and $2000 on weekends!

About the developer

Pet Bot currently has one maintainer, which is RaidAndFade#7337. Steven gave up on operation of the bot after many months of problems in Febuary 2019 and decided to shut down the but in order to preserve the bot's userbase I provided free maintainance and hosting, as time went on steven became more and more detached to the project and the userbase and RaidAndFade is now the sole maintainer and developer of Pet Bot.

Comments, Questions, Feedback?

If you have questions, comments or feedback, don't hesitate to join the support server. Or, add me on discord and talk to me 1 on 1: RaidAndFade#7337. Thank you for choosing to use Pet Bot!

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